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Hi there! Thank you for supporting our small business and our corner of the Internet! We’re so thankful to have you here and can’t wait to help with designing your classroom aesthetic! 

For our first blog, we wanted to chat about why we, Brittany and Kati, decided to start Visionary Classroom Décor. We’ve developed a friendship that dates back over 20 years (WHAT!?!) and have remained close friends. We went to grade school, middle school, and high school together, before going to college in different states. Our bond was so inseparable that the distance between Texas (where Kati is located) and Ohio (where Brittany is located) never stopped our flourishing friendship. If we weren’t talking on the phone several times a week, we were texting, sending cards or gifts, and planning our next trips together! 

We both have an entrepreneurial spirit, each of us starting several brands and companies of our own, before making the decision to work together. Brittany has built a reputation as a classroom makeover mastermind (seriously, you need to check out her Instagram if you haven’t yet, it’s amazing) and has been in several publications recognizing her work! Her favorite venture to date was being interviewed by Kelly Clarkson on her talk show in early 2020, for a surprise classroom makeover for a deserving teacher! You can see her interview here.

Kati owned a marketing and roadshow company for several years and has a strong background in direct sales and social media. She freelanced for a few years before opening up her own social media company, The Social Reco. She has the know-how and skillset to build revenue for small businesses in the social media space and is consistently coming up with innovative ways to market a product. With Brittany’s creative mind and Kati’s business knowledge, it just made sense to go into business together!

With Brittany having a background in teaching and Kati being well connected to educators, they both found a common challenge within the classroom environment: the lack of aesthetic design elements for teachers to connect to real students. Studies show that students thrive in a unique and welcoming styled setting, not stale and generic classrooms like we were taught in. But unfortunately there are not a lot of resources that provide aesthetically pleasing decor. That’s where Brittany started brainstorming. As Brittany traveled around the states helping deserving teachers’ make over their classroom, the idea to create her own affordable line for educators was a total no brainer. The idea truly became a visionary the moment the two decided to go all in.

Our goal is for you to be proud of your classroom! We want you to walk into your room and love being there. We want you and your students to feel inspired, creative, and comfortable in a teachable environment! Our promise is to offer affordable and unique décor and gift options that match your aesthetic and it is truly one of a kind. 

We look forward to being in your classroom or gifted to someone that deserves it! Thank you again for your support!

xo Britt + Kati 

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